Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Original "Friendsoftaj" Site

Friends Of Taylore', Alicia and Jae

Our original web site was born out of a friend’s desire to offer support in the best way he knew how.
Mr. James Perciful, a professional web master, created a memorial web site and added a “guestbook” for any visitor to sign if they wished. No one had any idea how important that guestbook would be to the healing of so many.

The guestbook became the place where guests, especially teenagers, could pour out their emotions.
It became a forum, a connection, a communication tool, and a support system for the entire community who had been so devastated by the accident. Guests could sign in or they could remain anonymous.
Friends and family members would journal their grieving daily and a guestbook entry was almost as good as a face-to-face talk. Each entry comforted each reader and the site became many people’s “therapy” while trying to cope with a loss of this magnitude.

It is interesting how the entries have changed as healing has occurred in the lives of the visitors. At first, the guests would sign in and the entries would be lengthy and often would express disbelief and despair.
It takes a bit of time to get back to the beginning of the guestbook, but the entries found there are very different than they are now.

It remains an active site, but with the passage of time, healing has occurred. The entries have become shorter and their is much more time between the posts.

Now, after time, friends and family still enter often, but many just to read or write a short note of support and remembrances.

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